Genesiv Private Beta

Join us as a beta tester

Would you like to create your own community on Genesiv? We’re looking for people to beta test the next generation community building platform – Genesiv. 

Get exclusive perks such as reserving your unique server @handle, getting interviewed, having a case study written about you and even being listed in our featured profiles.

I would like to be:

Who are we looking for?

If you’re a YouTuber, influencer, trader, lawyer, fitness instructor or anyone who creates content for their community (and wish to better engage and grow them) – we want you.

You have a knack for finding bugs. You break stuff for fun and can find the loopholes in many games and platforms you’ve used. We welcome you with open arms to take a critical look and stress test our platform.

Early Adopters
You are keen to give the latest tech products a shot. You don’t mind that there are bugs that need fixing and features that are missing. You love discovering what’s new on the latest frontier of tech products. We warmly welcome you to let us know as you’ll be the first people we release Genesiv to.