Gamify your community

Increase the engagement of your community with our world-class gamification features. Award different points for sending messages, replying to one another and even daily logins.

Actionable gamification

Gamification Benefits

Awards points for actions

Easily award XP (Experience) points when your users perform various actions. Not all actions are equal – which is why we allow you to further customise the XP that users get when sending messages and replying others. You can also encourage your users to tune in every day with our “Daily Login” point feature.

Tiers and Levels

Each tier has 3 levels that your community can work through – completing each tier would take them to the next tier while unlocking the new tier’s image. 

You can easily customise the image that each tier has along with their names and whether they are displayed in the chatroom beside their username.

Actionable gamification - Progress Bars
Beautiful Progress Bars

Beautifully designed progress bars broken down into 3 bite sized steps to help users monitor their progress to the next tier. Bars update in real-time as users gain experience points.

Custom and Preset Badges

You can create badges that are awarded to users when they accomplish a certain milestone. For example, if a user sends 5,000 messages or has 100 consecutive logins. 

On top of that, you can also create custom badges which are assigned to users manually once they accomplish certain tasks such as attaching proof that they’ve followed you on all your socials.

gamification leaderboard - Genesiv

XP and levels mean little if there is no leaderboard that tracks the community’s progress. The leaderboard shows the top performing users on an all-time, yearly, monthly and weekly basis.

Users can also choose which 3 badges they prefer to show beside their name both in the leaderboard and in the chatroom.

Desmond Leong - CEO of Genesiv

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

Gamification is important in building a community. It shows recognition to your top contributors and rewards them for it. We did a lot of research on whitehat gamification when building this feature as we believed in helping communities grow healthily.

Featured Traders On Genesiv

Featured Traders On Genesiv