Genesiv for your Product

Let your product speak for itself

Genesiv empowers your product to speak for itself, literally. Whether it wishes to make announcements, engage in private discussions or simply to listen to its users – we got you covered.

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Why Use Genesiv For Your Products

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Your product’s communication hub

With Genesiv’s categories and channels, you can create a full-fledge communication hub to serve the needs of your business. Whether you wish to create a one-way #announcement channel, a two-way #support channel or even a private #VIP-promotions channel we have you covered.

Creating a #customer-only channel

Using Genesiv’s in-built request management system, you can require your customers to complete a set of instructions before getting access to your private channel – just don’t go overboard with instructions. (“Do a moonwalk while sweeping the floor with our brooms!”)

Seize back control of your community

Don’t be held hostage to the ever changing restrictions that Facebook and Instagram enforces onto you. (“Looking at you, Facebook pages”)

Seize back control of your community by building it on stable ground. The Genesiv platform empowers you to not only build a direct line of communication with your followers, fan and customers – but to own it too. No one is ever going to take that away from you.

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Powerful Distribution meets Personal Discussions

Our Whisper Mode Channels allow you to distribute content to all your customers yet keep their questions/discussions privately seen just between the two of you.

Our Direct Message Channels are channels that allow your community to direct message pre-selected people. 

This special feature is particularly useful for #support questions or #purchase-enquiry conversations where the nature of conversations tends to require more privacy.

More ways to sell your product with flexible subscription and payment options

Increase the ways you can sell your product with the Genesiv platform. For example, you can get your customers to subscribe for ongoing #premium-support where you can better attend to their support questions.

Or you can create a special #VIP channel where your customers can get exclusive content that isn’t available to others.

The Genesiv platform empowers you to create flexible arrangements through recurring subscriptions, one-time payments and even combining both together.

Monetize your product through various other means
Desmond Leong - CEO of Genesiv

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

My business sold products – and the old traditional way of sending in support tickets for them just wasn’t cutting it. I wanted a way that potential/current clients could speak to me or my team directly based on their specific #billing or #support needs. Genesiv helped me do that with our flexible channel permissions – and even let me set up subscription options for my #extended-warranty offerings.

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