Connected Community

With webhooks, zapier and API integrations, you can connect your community to your other apps. Genesiv comes with extensive incoming and outgoing webhooks that makes it even easier to send useful information to your various apps.

Build your community with categories and channels

Benefits of Integrations

Incoming Webhooks

Use incoming webhooks to send information from your apps over to your channels. You can do this to automatically send updates that populate your channel with information for your community.

Outgoing Webhooks

Use outgoing webhooks to automatically send useful information to your other apps whenever something is triggered in your server. Here are some of the existing scenarios:

  • When a new user joins
  • When a user leaves  the server
  • When there are messages sent in certain channels
  • When a specific person is @mentioned
  • When a specific user sends a message
  • When a specific trigger word is detected
Integrate with zapier to connect your server with thousands of other webapps
Zapier Integration (coming soon)

Use zapier to connect your app to thousands of other apps and extend the possibilities of your community. 

API Integration

Genesiv has an ever expanding library of APIs that allows you to truly integrate your applications with it. Our login API allows you to not only automatically log users in directly from your website, but also to assign them the relevant roles based on your pre-set criteria.

Desmond Leong - CEO of Genesiv

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

Integrations are an important part of connecting a business to its many other apps that it uses. Whether it is sending a message to slack whenever a user joins, or to ping a message over to discord/telegram when a specific word is detected. With that in mind, we created a whole bunch of useful webhooks and continue to add on other integrations such as zapier and expanding our APIs.

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