Controlling Access to Your Community

Request management allows you to request your users to complete custom tasks in order to get access to your channels. This can range from attaching proof of them following your social accounts or simply attaching a proof of pirchase.

keep track of all requests easily with our request management tool

Benefits of Request Management

Create Your Instructions

Turn any channel into a private one which requires users to request access to get into. Select who gets to apply for access and let them know the application instructions through our custom editor.

Receive Requests

Users who wish to access these private channels of yours will be greeted with a request to apply where they can type and even attach whatever proof you need in order to get accepted.

Review Requests

From your Request Management panel, you can accept/reject all applications coming through while reviewing the attachments – roles are then assigned once accepted. All requests are also tracked in the history tab.

Track Requests

Easily keep track of all requests that have came through with our Request History. See the entire timeline along with the attachments that the user has sent through.

Desmond Leong - CEO of Genesiv

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

We realised early on that not everyone wants to “charge” a user to get access to a channel. Sometimes you simply want them to complete a few simple tasks such as following your social accounts or attaching proof of their purchase. With that in mind, we created a very flexible “request management” feature which allowed admins to easily create custom instructions for their community.

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