What gets measured gets managed

Keep track of the growth of your server with our advanced analytics – allowing you to drill down into channel and even user level behaviour to uncover amazing insights into what your community loves.

Genesiv Server Analytics

Server Analytics Benefits

Server Overview

The server overview helps you get a quick birds eye view of the key growth statistics of your server. It mainly covers the number of members, new members per day and messages sent per day. 

With the intuitive calendar function, you can easily zoom into different key periods to uncover useful insights to help you grow your server better.

Messages Analytics

Get a good breakdown on how many messages are sent per day, who your top contributors are and which channels see the most action.

Particularly useful in uncovering insights into where your community tends to congregate around.

User Drill Down

Take an in-depth look into each user’s behaviour drilling down into the number of messages he sends per day and which channels he tends to post the most in.

Our user drill down analytics also allows you to compare multiple users to observe the behaviour across different users. Particularly useful in zooming in on your more active users and to better understand which channels and topics they tend to be attracted the most to.

Channel Drill Down

Our channel drill down analytics allows you to take a deep dive into each channel – this allows you to see the number of messages it receives per day along with the top users who contribute to the messages.

You can also add multiple channels to compare the performance across different channels to uncover useful insights such as which channels are performing better across different users.

Desmond Leong - CEO of Genesiv

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

We’re crazy over server analytics. What gets measured gets managed – and if you wish to grow a community well, you’ll need to know how your marketing efforts are paying off, which channels are performing well and the top users you have to focus your attention on. 

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Featured Traders On Genesiv