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Dream Community

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Everything you need to

create a perfect community

A fully customizable community building platform
that brings the best engagement tools to your fingertips.


Build your dream community.

From custom domains to custom theme colors – Genesiv fully equips you to build your dream community exactly the way you envision it. 

Empowering conversations.

Genesiv comes with a wide range of different channels to facilitate the different types of conversations with your community.

From Direct Message channels to Open channels and even to Voice and Video channels – you will be well equipped to build a thriving and buzzing community.

Powerful community management tools.

From disciplining users who misbehave, to getting in-depth server statistics on the growth and engagement of your community – Genesiv equips you with all the professional tools you need to really build and grow your community.

Monetize your premium content.

Whether it is for your inner-circle VIPs or a special channel where you provide product support – Genesiv empowers you to create flexible payment plans your users can subscribe to unlock access.

Ranks, Badges, Leaderboards.

Fully customizable ranks, badges, and leaderboards to inject a dose of fun to your community. Awards Experience Points (XP) to users for a wide range of activities such as messages, replies, daily visits and even when they leave reactions!


Game changing features to

level up your community

From in-built gamification to in-depth server statistics.
Genesiv equips you with everything you need to build a thriving community.

Channels & Roles

Control access with channels & roles

Genesiv allows you to carefully choose which roles would have access to your various channels – helping you easily grant different access levels to the different users in your community.

Request Access

Got a special request?

Get your users to perform special tasks before getting access to your channels with Genesiv’s Request Management feature. 


Incoming & Outgoing Webhooks

Use our extensive range of incoming and outgoing webhooks to sync with your external apps. 

Server Analytics

Measure & Manage

What gets measured, gets managed. Use our in-depth server analytics to drill down into user behaviour and server growth.


Warnings, Suspensions & Bans

Genesiv allows you to issue warnings, time-based suspensions and even permanent bans to those nasty troublemakers. 


Injecting some fun

Create your own ranks, issue custom badges and even set system-awarded badges to incentivise your users to participate more actively in your community.

Theme Customiser

Keeping your brand on point

Customise every single little detail of your server so that it truly represents you. From accent colours, to background colours and even to divider colours. Let your brand truly shine through with our theme customiser.

Personal Data

Legally collect valuable user data

Request for people joining your community to share their data with you so that you can build and maintain communication lanes with them. Don’t even let an algorithm change remove your communication lanes with your followers ever again!

Credit Options

Unlock different premium features as you level up your community with credits. Credits can be purchased by the server owner and even be contributed by your community.