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Your Community, Your Way

Genesiv allows you to create and customize your community – exactly the way you want it to be. 

From customizable brand colours to even having it on your own domain, Genesiv allows you to create your community exactly in the way you envision it to be.

Create Your Community with Genesiv

Creators use Circle to power their community


Members across Circle communities.

Announcements, discussions and direct message #channels.

With 4 (and growing) different channel types, you can better engage with your community by using the right structure for your various discussions.

Create one-way #announcement channels and two-way #discussion channels. Genesiv also has the world’s first #direct-message channels where you can assign a list of users that you want your community to DM.


Different types of #channels


Members across Circle communities.

engage your community with Genesiv

Actionable Gamification To Grow Your Community

Gamify your community with powerful gamification tools. Customize the XP (Experience Points) for each action performed by your users and tailor your own levels for them to progress through.

Badges add another layer of gamification – allowing you to create system assigned badges or custom badges which are self-assigned. Users can proudly feature up to 3 badges on their profile which appears in the chatroom.

Actionable gamification

Creators use Circle to power their community


Members across Circle communities.

Powerful tools to build your business and earn.

Create #channels that users can subscribe to. Whether it’s your #vip-only channel or #fitness-consultation, you can now create #channels that users can subscribe to.

Customize and tailor your subscription plans exactly as you deem fit for your community with our flexible and modular options.

img business treasuryPayments

Creators use Circle to power their community


Members across Circle communities.


Organized, easy to navigate
— and fun for your members

Build your community with categories and channels

Group your #channels into categories. Choose from a wide range of channel types depending on the purpose of the channel. There are channels for one-way announcements, two-way conversations and even direct-message channels where you assign one group of users permission to message another group.

Control access with user roles

You can control what each user gets access to based on the roles they are assigned. Our flexible permissions allow you to control everything from a user's permission to Direct Message others to even their ability to @mention other users.

your community your rules

Customize your own disclaimers that users need to agree to before joining your community. You can even customise the privacy policy along with the terms & conditions that users need to agree to when they register or login.

Build your server based on your own brand guidelines

Easily add your own brand colors, use a custom domain, and integrate directly with your website. Genesiv gives you complete control over how your community is created.

Genesiv Mobile Application

The community you create should appeal to both desktop users and mobile-heavy users . Which is why we have a full-fledge Android and iPhone app that keeps your users connected and engaged on-the-go.


Different types of #channels
for different types of conversations

Direct message (DM) channels are useful for private conversations at scale

This channel allows you to create a channel and select the users that your community can direct message once they are within that channel. Very useful for organising the direct messages you receive.  We’ve seen communities use this for #support channels and even #vip channels where only users with the VIP role could get access to.

Announcement channels are useful to send out one-way announcements to your community

The announcement channel is useful for one-way announcements. These are channels where you don't require your users to respond to.

Open channels are useful for multi-way communication within your community

The open channel is useful for multi-way conversations where your community is open to conversing with you and each other.

Whisper channels allow people to whisper to you while in an announcement channel

The whisper channel is useful for one-way announcements while restricting users from seeing each other's replies. In this channel, users are only able to see messages you blast out to them or those which you specifically @mention them or their role.


In return, they are able to send any messages that only you (and a list of pre-approved people) can see.


Monetize your community
with flexible payments

Gate access to content through roles

Create billable roles that users need to subscribe to in order to unlock certain channels and categories.

You can assign a single role to multiple channels, allowing you to customize your own membership plans in as many ways as you need.

Flexible payment and subscription options help you monetize your community

Offer monthly, quarterly, annual and weekly subscriptions. You can even charge a one-time fee on top of these subscriptions. Start accepting payments in minutes.


Current integration: Stripe


Future integrations: MetaMask, PayPal

Free trials and discounts

Prefer to let your subscribers try out your premium channels for free or at a discounted price? You can easily configure that within the billable roles you create.


Genesiv's powerful monetization features allow you to create easy on-ramps to your community with free trials and special discount coupons. 

Get inspired by these

communities & use-cases

Let your business speak for itself

Businesses & Startups

Let your business speak for itself

As a business, it’s important to constantly connect with your audience. Having a dedicated server where they can swing in quickly to ask you questions will go a long way to building that relationship and trust with them.

As a business owner (whether big or small), you would benefit from creating dedicated channels such as:

#announcements | one-way channel
#pre-sales-questions | direct-message channel
#warranty-support | direct-message channel
#technical-support | direct-message channel
#customer-community | open-channel


Coaching communities

Coaching Communities

A dedicated area for your clients

As a coach, it’s important to be able to provide that personal guidance at scale in a structured manner for your clients. With Genesiv’s Direct Message (DM) channels, you can achieve this by creating different dedicated channels and assign your team (or yourself) as the people that your clients can message.

For example, if you’re a fitness coach, you could craft your community like this:

#dwayne-fitness (for free fitness tips)
#tailored-meal-plans (where your clients can speak with you directly on meal plans)
$premium-training (a subscriber only area)


Influencers using Genesiv


Build personal relationships at scale

One of the most important aspects of being an influencer is the ability to connect with your fans and community. Genesiv provides you the infrastructure to achieve this – from sending out announcements to having open discussions and even to creating an #Inner-circle only channels where users need to subscribe for a fee in order to get access to chatting with you.

With Genesiv, you can not only connect with your fans, but you can also monetize your following by creating channels which they can subscribe to in order to get direct access to you and your content.



brands and startups


Grow & engage your community

Building a strong community will give your brand superpowers. We have channels that empower you to achieve this. From one-way announcements, to two-way conversations and even one-on-one discussions. 

With Genesiv, you’ll be well equipped to better grow and engage your community – whether it’s a group of 10 or 10,000.

Differentiate your brokerage from the competition


Build your very own trading community

Genesiv comes with proprietary charts that are easily integrated into your channels allowing you to look at the markets move and discuss them in real-time together.

Brokers can create their own trading education communities by distributing research, teaching technical analysis and answering their client’s queries easily with our well integrated chart channels. 

With an industry grade audit log that keeps track of all logins, to customisable privacy policies, terms of service and gateway disclaimers – Genesiv has everything you need to keep your compliance department happy. 

Industry leaders such as IC Markets, Axi and Vantage Markets have already adopted this solution. Reach out to us for more information.



Gamification for your community

Actionable gamification

Gamify your community by assigning Experience Points (XP) to specific actions to encourage users to participate and contribute more.

Whether it is simply sending a message, or adding friends and even daily log ins - Genesiv has over 10 powerful user actions that you can pick from to add a dose of Actionable Gamification into your community.

Gamification through tiers and levels

Create different levels and tiers for your users to rise through accumulating Experience Points (XP). 

Every 3 levels they gain helps them rise to the next tier.

Easily customise the XP required for each level along with the custom images for each tier.

Actionable gamification - Progress Bars

Good gamification allows users to see how well they are progressing and Genesiv introduces that through our real-time progress bar that shows them how close they are to achieving the next tier. 

Actionable Gamification - Leaderboards

Let your users track their progress against other users with our full-fledged leaderboard. Users can check in real-time how they stand in the community - they can also choose to display up to 3 different badges as their featured badges.


Powerful community management
tools at your fingertips

request access

You can get users to perform certain actions (such as uploading a screenshot of them following you on TikTok) in order to get access to your channel. Assign them roles upon accepting them.

keep track of all requests easily with our request management tool

All requests to enter into a channel is tracked to help you easily review. Each request has a timeline showing the entire history of interactions along with the files that the user has uploaded when requesting access.

Audit log helps you monitor your server

The audit log keeps track of everything that goes on in your community. Keep track of when people are logging in, whether they have accepted your disclaimer and from which IP address they are coming in from.

Warnings, suspensions & bans

Dish out warnings, temporary suspensions or permanent bans to abusers of your community. Keep track of all disciplinary actions from the time they occur, to when they end along with the reason they got disciplined.


Integrate your business with
powerful connectivity tools

Integrate with webhooks

Genesiv has a wide range of incoming and outgoing webhooks you can easily use to send data in and out of your server. 

Whether it's to ping your slack group when someone has joined, or to automatically update a specific #channel with data pulled from other sources - the possibilities are endless with our powerful webhooks.

Integrate with zapier to connect your server with thousands of other webapps

(Coming soon) Zapier introduces a world of integrations to over 1000s of web apps so that you can further automate your workflow. Easily receive and send messages from your Genesiv server.

Our API integrations unlocks a world of possibilities

Genesiv comes with a full-fledge enterprise registration API that allows you to automatically map your roles to newly created users. 

This allows you to create specific conditions that your users would need to meet in order to get certain roles assigned to them automatically upon joining your server. 

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Find your favourite people, brands and businesses here at Genesiv

Search around and discover the world of communities here at Genesiv. Explore the wide range of communities from influencers to local businesses and even crypto enthusiasts!

Learn from the best and get direct access to their exclusives

Genesiv attracts professionals who are masters of their craft. Tap onto the wisdom they impart and even subscribe to them to get access to their exclusive content.

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Curate, consolidate & consult

Leverage on Genesiv’s superior collaborative infrastructure to consolidate all your various research reports and have a single platform where you can speak directly to your analysts.

Browse and pick from our talented pool of analysts based on their asset focus, analysis approach and profitability.

img business portfolioManagers

Teach with the right tools

Genesiv helps you teach better with our collaborative charts and chatrooms. Explain and educate with crystal clarity even if you need to reference multiple drawings on your chart.

Genesiv also helps you monetize your following with our flexible subscription plans that you can offer your students.

img business educators

Teach with the right tools

Genesiv helps you teach better with our collaborative charts and chatrooms. Explain and educate with crystal clarity even if you need to reference multiple drawings on your chart.

Genesiv also helps you monetize your following with our flexible subscription plans that you can offer your students.

img business educators

Teach with the right tools

Genesiv helps you teach better with our collaborative charts and chatrooms. Explain and educate with crystal clarity even if you need to reference multiple drawings on your chart.

Genesiv also helps you monetize your following with our flexible subscription plans that you can offer your students.

img business educators