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Genesiv is for the community owners who won’t settle – who are obsessed about creating the perfect community.

What is "Genesiv"?

The word “Genesiv” was created to resemble the word “Genesis” – the creation of the world. Except this time, the book is written by us – the people – and the world we’re creating is for our communities. 

Just like the beginning of time, everyone starts with a blank canvas they can mould and modify to their liking. Community owners are empowered in every way to dream and build a community they can truly call their own.

The book of Genesiv has just begun, and it is far from being done. As more people join the movement, we will continue to rewrite and reimagine the way communities are created.

Fun fact no one asked for: In the middle of the Genesiv logo, you’ll notice it’s actually a chat icon with the 3 dots symbolising the animation that appears whenever someone is in the midst of typing a message. Conversations and communication is, afterall, the foundation of what Genesiv believes in empowering.

Why We Did It

Genesiv was created because we couldn’t find a community building platform to match the level of obsession we had over customising every single detail of our community to perfection. 

Discord was great, but we didn’t like that it had to be on their domain and with their colour theme. Slack was too business-y and Facebook groups just bombed. Many of these were great for interest groups and fan clubs but not something a true business would use.

We found ourselves getting custom plugin after custom plugin built for many of these platforms – to the point we just said “heck it, we’ll build it ourselves”. 

How We Did It

We realised that we had to strike a balance between what the community users want and what the different departments of businesses want. 

This meant speaking to different departments such as compliance, marketing, branding, customer service, sales and management. Everyone wants to build a great community, but they each had their own set of concerns.

This approach helped us build Genesiv with a laser focus on ensuring that both the users and the business’ needs would be well taken care of.

Empowering Different Communities

Let your business speak for itself

Businesses & Startups

Let your business speak for itself

As a business, it’s important to constantly connect with your audience. Having a dedicated server where they can swing in quickly to ask you questions will go a long way to building that relationship and trust with them.

As a business owner (whether big or small), you would benefit from creating dedicated channels such as:

#announcements | one-way channel
#pre-sales-questions | direct-message channel
#warranty-support | direct-message channel
#technical-support | direct-message channel
#customer-community | open-channel


Coaching communities

Coaching Communities

A dedicated area for your clients

As a coach, it’s important to be able to provide that personal guidance at scale in a structured manner for your clients. With Genesiv’s Direct Message (DM) channels, you can achieve this by creating different dedicated channels and assign your team (or yourself) as the people that your clients can message.

For example, if you’re a fitness coach, you could craft your community like this:

#dwayne-fitness (for free fitness tips)
#tailored-meal-plans (where your clients can speak with you directly on meal plans)
$premium-training (a subscriber only area)


Influencers using Genesiv


Build personal relationships at scale

One of the most important aspects of being an influencer is the ability to connect with your fans and community. Genesiv provides you the infrastructure to achieve this – from sending out announcements to having open discussions and even to creating an #Inner-circle only channels where users need to subscribe for a fee in order to get access to chatting with you.

With Genesiv, you can not only connect with your fans, but you can also monetize your following by creating channels which they can subscribe to in order to get direct access to you and your content.



brands and startups


Grow & engage your community

Building a strong community will give your brand superpowers. We have channels that empower you to achieve this. From one-way announcements, to two-way conversations and even one-on-one discussions. 

With Genesiv, you’ll be well equipped to better grow and engage your community – whether it’s a group of 10 or 10,000.

Differentiate your brokerage from the competition


Build your very own trading community

Genesiv comes with proprietary charts that are easily integrated into your channels allowing you to look at the markets move and discuss them in real-time together.

Brokers can create their own trading education communities by distributing research, teaching technical analysis and answering their client’s queries easily with our well integrated chart channels. 

With an industry grade audit log that keeps track of all logins, to customisable privacy policies, terms of service and gateway disclaimers – Genesiv has everything you need to keep your compliance department happy. 

Industry leaders such as IC Markets, Axi and Vantage Markets have already adopted this solution. Reach out to us for more information.


Upgrade Your Server

The driving force behind the Genesiv platform

Meet the crew running the Genesiv platform. Rallied behind a common purpose of helping to help communities communicate better, the Genesiv team continuously pushes the limits of what is possible in this modern age of communication platforms.

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