Bringing structure to the world of investment discussions and research

Genesiv was created so that we could discuss, distribute and collaborate better on investment ideas.

Why We Did It

Too often we see groups of hungry motivated traders try to learn, discuss and trade the markets together – but the current traditional platforms were failing.

Facebook groups, Telegram, forums and even Discord couldn’t keep up with the complex time and price sensitive requirements of investment discussions which often required constant reference to charts. People were left sending and squinting at screenshots, referring to the wrong indicators and growing frustrated at the lack of truly collaborative tools.

That’s why we decided to build Genesiv – the recreation of investment discussions.

How We Did It

We reimagined the ways chatroom, channels and even charts could work together. We realized that they were not separate components, but instead, had to exist as one entire system working in unison with each other.

What We Did

Connected Charts
We built our own charting library from scratch so that every part of it could be linked to our chatroom – allowing us to link the words we write with the drawings on our charts.
Analysis Manager
Tapping onto the insights of award winning research firms, we created an intuitive analysis manager to standardize the way people created analysis and the terms that were used.
Pursuit for Clarity
From self-updating analysis timelines to bots designed to keep us updated on key events, we had a laser focused purpose of designing for clarity.
Flexible yet Structured
We thought of every permutation required by analysts, educators, traders and more when designing our channels – empowering you to design and build your own world.
Collaborative Charts
Frustrated at having to send screenshots of charts back-and-forth, we created real-time collaborative charts with version history tracking.
Empowering Everyone
We placed the power to create full fledged investment discussion servers in the hands of everyone.

How It's Going

  • Brokers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Treasury & Payments
  • Educators

An exclusive portal for your premium clients

Create your own VIP portal and even have it hosted on any domain you wish. Hand pick from our pool of top tier traders and analysts to provide market research, education & guidance to your premium clients.

Through our authentication system, you won’t need to exchange any sensitive information on your clients. Using an API, you can easily filter client access to your VIP portal based on their deposits, trading volume or account size.

Curate, consolidate & consult

Leverage on Genesiv’s superior collaborative infrastructure to consolidate all your various research reports and have a single platform where you can speak directly to your analysts.

Browse and pick from our talented pool of analysts based on their asset focus, analysis approach and profitability.

Consult & Convert

Assemble your pool of currency specific experts to advise you on the best times to convert your various currencies.

Convert better. Hedge better. Manage better.

Teach with the right tools

Genesiv helps you teach better with our collaborative charts and chatrooms. Explain and educate with crystal clarity even if you need to reference multiple drawings on your chart.

Genesiv also helps you monetize your following with our flexible subscription plans that you can offer your students.

The driving force behind the Genesiv platform

Meet the crew running the Genesiv platform. Rallied behind a common purpose of helping to bring structure to the world of investment discussion, the Genesiv team continuously pushes the limits of what is possible in this modern age of communication platforms.

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