Vantage Case Study

How Vantage, sponsors of McLaren, uses Genesiv to not only build an amazing community, but also to attract more clients.


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Attractive Differentiation

In an increasingly competitive brokerage space, Vantage uses access to an exclusive community as a big selling factor. In the community, their users can get access to experts opinions and tools.

This is a nice way to gate access to your community in order to attract more members. Most people think that communities are meant to be entirely free and open – Vantage shows a good example of how it can be done the other way round.

Vantage Markets
Vantage Login API

Login API

One thing you want as a business is for people to repeatedly visit your website. Vantage does this by only allowing access to their exclusive community through a Login API from their client portal.

This is a smart move as it also makes the whole process a lot more convenient for the users. They simply need to click on a single button to get registered into the chatroom. Most importantly, Vantage can actively control what access levels their users get by simply tweaking the values they send Genesiv’s Login API.

Server Analytics

Vantage smart use of server analytics allows them to keep track of the growth of their server along with which of their members are the most valuable contributors.

Because of the in-depth server analytics, they’re also able to track which channels has the most discussions.

Vantage Analytics
vantage iframe channel

iFrame channels to embed their playlists

Vantage has a lot of youtube videos – and they used iFrame channels to embed these so that users can access them within the chatroom.

An additional benefit of these iFrame chatrooms is that you can actually enable the chatroom feature for people to chat and watch videos at the same time. This includes live streams and can also include unlisted videos.