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Ever thought of having your own branded instead of using Slack or MS Teams? 


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Optimising Internal Communications

When you’re running a company, you want to ensure that corporate communications between different team players happen smoothly and transparently throughout your entire company. 

Genesiv allows you to create a branded chat portal that hosts your whole team and allows for smooth, effective communication that in turn optimizes employee experience. 

Having an optimised internal communications strategy can help nurture company culture, improve employee engagement and achieve business goals. 

Genesiv proves to be a valuable communication tool that opens lines of communication to your entire team. 

Organising Internal Communication

If you’re running a big company, or simply have various different departments or projects simultaneously ongoing, you’d want your communication channels to be streamlined and organized to avoid confusion. Two-way communication is essential in increasing productivity and employee effectiveness. With Genesiv, creating a streamlined communication lane is simple with Channels & Categories.

Channels & Categories are what allow you to have those all-important conversations while making sure nothing important ever gets lost in the chatter. 

With Genesiv’s channel feature, you will be able to create individual chatrooms, named ‘Channels’, name them, and organize them by different categories. 

Bringing Structure

There are various ways you can organize your channel and categories to best suit your company and the communication that you foresee will be taking place on your server. For example, you could create a category for each department, and place channels meant for various projects inside them. 

Making sure that conversations about a certain project are easily located ensures that all members of your team are aware of developments that happen on each level of your company. 

This allows for open communication between your whole team and keeps everyone up to speed, minimizing various forms of miscommunication.

Managing Communication Channels

Whilst fully open communication could be desirable for your company, communication between departments can also benefit from being separate or contained to upper management. For a 100-member, multi-level company, you would want to make sure some conversations are kept private.

Genesiv allows you to further control your communication channels by introducing private channels and roles that allow you to section off portions of your company chat to only be available to the people you specify. 

Cross-departmental conversations aren’t always necessary to optimize workflow and have the potential to introduce a level of confusion amongst your employees. If you would like to make sure your team members only interact in their allocated department space, you can create and allocate specific roles that would give your employees access only to their department channels. 

Different Types of Channels

In addition to organized communication spaces, Genesis provides you with multiple internal communication methods to facilitate different forms of team communication. These methods serve as valuable tools when it comes to achieving communication goals. When creating your chat space, there are 5 different channel types that help facilitate different types of communication:

1. Open Channels: Open channels allow users to chat with one another openly, anyone can see and reply to messages. Chats can come in the form of text messaging, photo and video attachments, emojis, or gifs! Use this channel to facilitate communication between employees. 

2. Announcement Channels: Announcement Channels are one-way channels where only the announcer is allowed to send messages. Server members will only be able to read and react to them. Use this channel to make company announcements, distribute company newsletters, or relay important information to your team.

3. Direct Message (DM) Channels: Direct Message channels provide 1-to-1 communication between a server member and a pre-selected list of users. Use this channel to facilitate direct communication between 2 people on your team.

4. Whisper Channels: Whisper channels are a special type of channel that hides the replies of normal users from each other. There are 2 groups of users in whisper channels.
Group A: Able to send messages, see other’s messages, mention a user
Group B: Able to send messages, unable to see messages sent by others in Group B. 

Use this channel to create a more interactive form of an announcement channel where members from Group B can engage in private conversations with those from Group A.

5. Audio & Video Channels: Audio & Video channels allow you to have both voice and video calls with other members of your server. Use this channel to hold live events like online meetings or presentations.