Case Study

How IronFX, a global financial institution, used Genesiv to build a thriving community.


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IronFX building Limassol
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Group 8550
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ironfx youtube channel

Recurring visits to the client portal

Using the login API, you can control the access point of your community. So in IronFX’s example, their access point is their website’s client portal which requires users to repeatedly visit in order to get access to their VIP room.

Very useful if you want people to revisit a certain area of your website each time they wish to access the VIP portal.

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IronFX VIP Room - Request Management Feature

Request Management

IronFX used the Request Management feature really smartly by getting their clients to send in special requests to unlock certain channels.

This particularly feature is useful to get your community to jump through some hoops to get access to certain special channels.

Webhooks to keep everyone informed

IronFX used Genesiv’s in-built webhooks to send updates about anything and everything that was happening in their server to their various other platforms.

For example, they have a support channel simply monitoring the chat messages that come through. And a sales team that simply monitors when a new user joins.

IronFX VIP - Webhooks to keep the various departments updated
ironfx youtube channel

iFrame channels to embed their playlists

IronFX uses Genesiv’s iFrame channels to embed their youtube playlists. This allows them to have both public and unlisted playlists for their community to view directly within the community – and controlled based on their roles.