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Grow and engage your community

Build a deeper connection with your followers and subscribers. With Genesiv, you can own and nurture the relationships with your community in a structured way that is built to scale whether it’s a community of 10 or 10,000.

genesif for you

Why Influencers Use Genesiv

vip room
Creating a VIP room for your top followers

Using Genesiv’s Private Channel feature, you can selectively invite your biggest fans into a private channel where you can chat and better connect with them.

With an in-built request management system – you can request your fans to complete certain tasks before granting them access.

Monetize your exclusive content with flexible subscription and payment options

Get empowered to create a source of income through your exclusive content. Whether it’s getting direct access to your pro tips, joining a VIP channel or even just having an exclusive room to chat with your loyal supporters – we have you covered.

The Genesiv platform empowers you to create flexible arrangements through recurring subscriptions, one-time payments and even combining both together.

Seize back your creative freedom by creating what you want and what your audience loves. You don’t have to conform to popular taste or the constraints of ad-based monetization models.

Billing Capabilities for your channels
powerful distribution
Powerful Distribution meets Personal Discussions

Our Whisper Mode Channels allow you to distribute content to all your subscribers yet keep their questions/discussions privately seen just between the two of you.

This special feature allows your subscribers to communicate with you openly about your content without worrying about what others might think.

Our Direct Message Channels are channels that allow your community to direct message pre-selected people. For example – you can have a VIP Inner Circle channel that allows your community to DM you if they are subscribed to it.

Restrict who slides into your DMs

DMs are great – but not when they are uncalled for or even verge on borderline harrassment. (“Hey baby, call me maybe?”)

With Genesiv, you can restrict who gets to DM you based on the roles they are assigned. This allows you to spend more meaningful time in your DM inbox connecting with the people who are truly worth connecting with.

Raise the bar to send DMs as low or as high as you want using our role permissions. The freedom of choice is yours whether you choose to:

  • let @all people DM you
  • use it as a direct support for your @customers or
  • restrict it to only your @VIP club
restrict slides
Different types of channels for your different goals

Open Channel:
This type of channel fosters community building. Allows your users to discuss openly and freely with each other while having the functionality to kick/ban the troublemakers. (“Looking at you, keyboard warriors”)

Whisper Channel:
As shared above – this channel is useful for users who wish to interact with you without worrying about what others might think as their messages (along with your replies) are hidden. Particularly useful for more sensitive topics.

Announcement Channel:
This is a one-way channel where you can make your announcements. Useful when announcing new releases, episodes, content and more.

Desmond Leong - CEO of Genesiv

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

One problem I faced early on was organizing and engaging my community. Instagram was a mess and everyone would randomly slide into your DMs and due to its ever-changing algorithms, it was a constant fight to maintain ownership of my community. I wanted a place to direct them to where we can have properly structured discussions.

Featured Traders On Genesiv

Featured Traders On Genesiv