Keeping Your Community Safe

Easily warn, suspend and even ban users who abuse your server. Genesiv has a full-fledge misconduct system that not only notifies the person of the reason for his suspension, but also allows you to give him a timeout and the ability to revoke suspensions.

Warnings, suspensions & bans

Benefits of Misconduct Management

Warn Users

Issue official warnings to users along with the reason they are being warned. Users will get an in-app and email notification letting them know of the reason.

Suspend Users

Issue timed suspensions to users if they cross the line. Suspensions can be revoked or extended easily within the misconduct control panel. 

Ban Users

Issue bans to users who abuse the server. Bans have no time limit but can be revoked at any time. Easily keep track of all bans, suspensions and warnings issued in your server.

Desmond Leong - CEO of Genesiv

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

A key part of keeping a community healthy and vibrant is to not only let people know what are the rules, but to take action when they cross the line. Whether it is through issuing a warning, suspension or a ban. The comprehensive misconduct control panel Genesiv has will equip server owners and moderators with everything they need to manage the disciplinary issues of their community.

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