Tailored Solutions for Brokers

Differentiate your brokerage from the competition

Create VIP rooms where clients can get exclusive research and training based on how much they have deposited (or traded). Empower your sales and marketing team to better close clients and attract IBs.

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Why Brokers Use Genesiv

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Differentiate your brokerage with a VIP portal

Does your sales team use “we have low spreads, fast execution and great customer service” as their main pitch? If yes, then you have about 1,000+ other brokers who say the exact same thing.

The Genesiv terminal allows you to create a white labelled VIP portal for your top clients to get direct access to exclusive market research, one-on-one training and premium support that is unique to your brokerage.

Equip your sales and marketing team with better tools to convert leads into clients and fans into partners.

Note: This approach works with slightly larger clients (eg. $3,000+) and is not recommended for smaller account clients.

Empower your market analysts

Whether you have your own in-house analyst or would like to use Genesiv’s award winning analysts, there’s one thing for sure – your clients want to speak with these guys about the markets.

The Genesiv terminal allows them to easily create + explain their market research, provide one-on-one consultation and even take requests on which markets to analyze to your top clients – all in a legally compliant manner.

Gone are the days where your analyst just produces market research for the blog that goes underutilized and underappreciated.

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easily integrated
Easily integrated into your client portal

Clients can easily access the VIP portal through your client portal with a single click – no sensitive information is passed over to us.

With a well documented API, checks are easily automated on the client’s account balance (or volume traded – it’s customizable) before they are granted access.

Our team of full-stack developers are on-hand to assist in the integration which usually takes 2-3 days.

Compliance approach

We’ve worked closely with over 14 compliance departments to ensure the Genesiv portal meets all compliance needs.

Disclaimers and terms of use need to be agreed to before a user can get access to the portal – ensuring they know they’re not getting financial advice or recommendations in any forms.

Maximum privacy discussions ensure that clients are not able to see each other’s questions nor able to direct message each other. (“I can see you hiding in the bushes, competitor A”)

Approved tone of language used in analysis discussions are neutral and don’t call out when to buy/sell – instead focusing on bullish/bearish momentum with bounce/drop potential.

No sensitive information is passed in any form from your brokerage to us. Client accounts can be created with a single unique ID such as their MT4 account number or customer ID.

compliance approach
Desmond Leong - CEO of Genesiv

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

For a long time, the world of brokerages competed with each other with low spreads and fast executions. I honestly don’t think that’s sustainable. We need to think of new ways to create sustainable differentiation – and the Genesiv VIP Portal for brokers is the solution to that.

Featured Traders On Genesiv

Featured Traders On Genesiv