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Real-time collaborative technical analysis

Our proprietary charts allow you to collaborate with other traders in real-time. Watch $GME to the moon together and draw on the same chart (“yes you heard that right”) in real-time cooperatively as you analyze using everything from trend lines to Fibonacci.


Why Traders Use Genesiv

Real-time chart collaboration with other traders

Embrace the power of trading together as a team – Analyze, draw and even track each others’ changes in real-time on any chart.

With flexible view/edit permissions, you can control who gets to contribute and who gets to watch the analysis in action. You can even track every single change made with Genesiv’s full-fledge history tracking – comes with the handy ability to roll-back changes where needed.

A dedicated chat area also allows traders to chat about the markets as they unfold in real-time.

Get your point across with ease

Ever wondered which Moving Average or trend line someone was referring to? Or perhaps where the head and shoulders pattern might be? (“I swear, just tilt your head 45 degrees to the right and roll your eyes backwards, you’ll see it!”

Genesiv’s smart “linking mode” allows you to link the words you write with what is on your chart, ensuring everyone knows exactly which drawing you are referring to when you are explaining your point.

Better communication. Better collaboration. Better decisions.
Better context with time-tracked comments

The comment “Should we close off the trade now?” means two very different things if you’re 90% in profit or 90% in losses. Which is why every comment is time-tracked and superimposed onto the chart – giving traders better context of their discussions.

Our friendly (“Or at least we think it is”) Genesiv Bot automatically updates every analysis when it reaches different milestones, ensuring everyone is well informed of the progress of an analysis along with the context of discussions surrounding it.

Monetize your VIP signals

Have some really good trading signals you’d like to reserve for your VIP followers? You can now do so with Genesiv’s private billable channels – requiring users to pay in order to get access to your #VIP channel.

The Genesiv platform empowers you to create flexible arrangements through recurring subscriptions, one-time payments and even combining both together.

Create a second source of income with your VIP signals and more importantly, be properly (and predictably) compensated for the time you dedicate to taking care of your VIP clients.

VIP Signals Billing for your calls on BTCUSD, Doge coin or TSLA!
Desmond Leong - CEO of Genesiv

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

Being a trader myself, I have always been frustrated that it’s so difficult to collaborate and discuss with other traders. We’re just left sending screenshots that are not interactive at all. So I figured – why not create the google docs of charts for us traders? A place where we can collaborate in real-time as we discuss our analysis and signals. From there, the Genesiv platform was created.

Featured Traders On Genesiv

Featured Traders On Genesiv