Ban Users

Sometimes users totally cross the line or outright abuse the community you’re building. To solve that, we have introduced the ability to completely “Ban” a user from your server. Bans have no end date meaning that the user will remain banned until you choose to “Revoke” the ban (more on that later).

What does a banned user see? #

A banned user sees an empty server along with a notification at the bottom left telling them that they have been banned. Along with that is also a message included explaining why he was banned. Here’s an example of how it looks like for a user:

Banned user's preview

How do you ban a user? #

There are 2 places which you can ban a user. First is in the user tab on the right side where the channels are. Right-clicking on any user allows you to issue a ban to them directly:

ban users from user list

The next part is at Server Settings > Misconduct where you can select from a dropdown and select the “Ban” option:

ban user from misconduct page

Once you select the option, it’ll allow you to state your the reason you are banning the user. This reason will appear at a couple of places:

  1. User will receive a notification informing that they’ve been banned.
  2. User will see the reason at the bottom left of their screen whenever they return to the server.
  3. Admins can review this reason when they open up a user’s “Misconduct History” which details all the misconducts (warning, suspensions, bans) that a user has.

This is how it looks like:

ban user modal

How do you revoke a ban? #

Sometimes, perhaps through a change of heart (or a crazy amount of pleading from the banned user), you wish to revoke the ban of a user. To do this, we have the “Revoke” button:

revoke a ban

Clicking on it will trigger a pop-up along with allowing you to enter the reason. Useful when reviewing the misconduct timeline:

revoking a ban

Reviewing the Misconduct Timeline #

If you wish to review a user’s Misconduct Timeline, simply click on this button beside the “Revoke” button:

review timeline

Doing so would open a pop-up showing every single misconduct this user ever had along with the reasons he got them. Very useful for admins to have a single dashboard to handle misconducts:

misconduct timeline for ban