Enabling Gamification

Gamification refers to integrating game mechanics into your server to increase community engagement. With Gamification, you can reward your server members for completing certain tasks such as daily logins or sending messages to keep them active on your server.

Server members’ progress can be tracked with tiers, levels, and leaderboards so you can identify and reward members’ with the highest engagement.

Why Gamification? #

Gamification is important in building a community. It rewards and recognizes your server’s top contributors and encourages members to be active, increasing community engagement. Features such as tiers, levels, and leaderboards serve as motivators to encourage community building. Providing rewards for daily tasks will also increase the number of revisits to your server.

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What is XP? #

With Gamification, server members can accumulate XP, short for ‘Experience Points’ by accomplishing certain behaviors or actions within a server. According to the type of reward system a server owner implements in their server, obtaining certain amounts of XP can either unlock different levels & tiers which provide a member with custom badges and titles, or unlock custom rewards offered by a server’s owner.

How to enable XP gain for server members. #

First, head over to the server settings of the server that you want to turn on gamification for.

New channel Settings

When in server settings, navigate to ‘Actions and XP’ under the gamification header and toggle ‘Actions’ to on. After doing so, you will be able to specify what actions or behaviors you want to reward users for, as well as how much XP they will be rewarded for completing said task.


To enable an action or behavior to be rewardable, simply toggle on the task of choice. From there, input the amount of XP you would like that task to be worth.

Depending on the task, you may also specify a cooldown period in which members will not be able to gain XP.

The cooldown function will prevent users from overloading the server with actions or behaviors in an attempt to fast-track earning XP.

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If you are unsure what each action or behavior entails, check out this document on Actions & XP.