Finding Servers

On a community-building platform like Genesiv, you’d not only want to create your own servers but explore and join other communities that align with your interests as well.

The Explore Page #

Utilize the explore page to browse through existing servers to find and join a community that you resonate with. You can narrow down your search by using a combination of categories and tags to find a server that best aligns with your interests. If you plan to create a public server, this is also where your server will be publicly listed for others to find. Private servers will not show up on the explore page, and can only be joined if provided an invite link from the server’s owner.

explore server

Featured Servers #

Featured servers are a list of servers that are handpicked by our wonderful team here at Genesiv. They usually would be for servers who recently gained a surge of popularity or boast an incredibly active community.

Most Popular Tags #

On the explore page, you will also be able to see the most used tags. Selecting a category will also allow you to see the most popular tags in each individual (or combined) category. You will be able to browse all servers currently using the tag, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

How do I browse servers? #

Under ‘Discover Servers’ on the left hand side, you will be able to see a list of categories to help narrow down your search. You can filter by up to 2 categories at a time.

The categories are:

  • Finance (e.g. Banking, Cryptocurrency, Trading)

  • Business & Professions (e.g. Small Businesses, Industry Professionals)

  • Tech & IT (e.g. Coding, Programming, Tech Development)

  • Education & Tutorials (e.g. How-To, Academics, Self-Learning)

  • Health & Beauty (e.g. Make-up, Dieting, Wellness)

  • Sports & Fitness (e.g. Weight-lifting, Soccer, Cross-Fit)

  • Entertainment & Leisure (e.g. Food, Travel, Hobbies)

  • Gaming (e.g. Esports, Video games, Trading Card Games, Board Games)

  • Music (e.g. Music Producers, Bands, R&B Fanatics, Game Music)

  • Media Personalities (e.g. Content Creators, Youtubers, Pop Stars)

  • Community Groups (e.g. Charities, Activism)

  • Others (e.g. Anything that doesn’t fit in the above categories)

After selecting a category, you’ll be able to narrow down your search by choosing from a list of popular tags, or entering custom tags into your search bar.

Use a combination of tags and categories to find all types of servers!