Suspending Users

One of the really handy things that Genesiv allows you to do is issue time-based suspensions to users. This means that they are essentially “timed-out” and can only return once they have served their suspension.

Suspensions are usually useful as a next course of action if a user has already received multiple warnings or if a user breaks a particularly important rule.

Suspend or Ban? #

It’s important to take note that suspensions are different from bans in one way – when you suspend a user, you ultimately hope that they come back after they serve their suspensions. However if you ban a user – you have no wish of expecting the user to return.

What does a suspended user see? #

A suspended user sees an empty server with no channels and no categories. It also shows them how long more their suspension will be until along with the reason:

Empty State Server Suspension

Where do I suspend a user? #

There are 2 ways you can suspend a user. Firstly, it is within the chatroom area when you open the “User” list on the right. Right-clicking on a user will show the option to “Suspend User”

suspend user

The other way is to navigate to Server Settings > Misconduct and click on the “Select” dropdown and select the option to “Suspend” a user:

suspend from misconduct list

How do I suspend a user? #

When you select the option to suspend, you’ll see a modal pop-up asking you how long you intend to suspend the user until along with the reason (which the user will see once he tries to access the server).

suspend user modal

How do I review a suspension? #

If you wish to review the reason why a user got suspended, simply click on the “Timeline icon” beside the “Revoke” button in the Misconduct page. This will open a modal showing you why the user got suspended and when he is suspended until:

suspended user timeline history

How do I adjust a suspension? #

Sometimes you might wish to shorten (or lengthen) a suspension. To do so, simply head over to Server Settings > Misconduct and you’ll see an “Edit” icon beside the end date:

edit suspension

Clicking on it would trigger a pop-up. You can then update the end date by clicking on the “Date” which it was supposed to end and it would trigger a calendar pop-up to appear:

end date

The new updated suspended date would appear beside the user:

new suspended date updated

And of course, the Misconduct Timeline will show all the updates:

new timeline for suspension

How do I revoke a suspension? #

Perhaps due to some change of heart you wish to revoke a suspension. To do so, it’s really easy. Simply click on the “Revoke” button and state the reason you wish to revoke the suspension:

revoke suspension