Handling Misconduct

Genesiv wants you to be able to keep your community safe. Rules uphold structure and ensure that everyone on your server has a good time. When those rules are broken, server owners can penalize a rule-breaker by warning them and/or limiting their access to the server.

Misconduct management. #

First, head over to server settings and navigate to ‘Misconduct’.

New channel Settings


Here, you will be able to view an extensive list of your server’s members. Locate the user you would like to assign misconduct to, and select the dropdown menu located below ‘Assign Misconduct’.


There are 3 ways you can deal with misconduct from your members.

Warn #

Issue the offender a warning. Perhaps not all offenders deserve an immediate suspension or ban. Use warnings to let the offender know what they’ve done wrong and inform them of the consequences if they were to offend again.

Suspend #

Temporarily suspend the offender’s access to the server.

Suspensions prevent a user from viewing and communicating in channels. You will be able to specify a suspension period for each offender, as well as include a reason for suspension that they will be able to see when attempting to access any channel in your server.

Suspensions are automatically revoked after the suspension period has ended. Suspensions can be manually revoked, or extended at any time. To extend a suspension, click on the pencil icon next to the current suspension expiration date.

From there, you will be able to set a new ‘Effective Till’ date as well as specify a reason for the change.


Ban #

Permanently ban the offender from your server. Bans have no time limit, but can be revoked at any time.