Getting Started

In this tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what Genesiv is, how it works and how it can help you!

Genesiv is a Community Hosting Platform for the community owners who won’t settle – who are obsessed with creating the perfect community. It allows you to choose from a wide range of customization options to turn your vision for your community into reality. 

What can I do with Genesiv? #

Genesiv’s detailed customization options ensure that your community looks and feels the way you want it to with features such as:

  • Channels & Roles: Structure your community easily with categories and channels. Control access to various channels through the smart use of roles and permissions.

  • Theme Customization: Genesiv’s advanced theme customizer allows you to customize the color of your community to match your brand and color guidelines.

  • Gamification: Increase the engagement of your community with our world-class gamification features. Award different points for sending messages, replying to one another, and even daily logins.

  • Monetization: Monetize your community by controlling access to private channels and creating billable roles. Customize and tailor your subscription plans exactly as you deem fit for your community with our flexible and modular options.

  • Integrations: With webhooks, zapier, and API integrations, you can connect your community to your other apps. Genesiv comes with extensive incoming and outgoing webhooks that make it even easier to send useful information to your various apps.

  • Custom Domains: Connect your custom Apps with your Genesiv server with a range of extensive incoming and outgoing webhooks, making it even easier to send useful information to your various apps.

  • Server Analytics: Keep track of the growth of your server with our advanced analytics – allowing you to drill down into the channel and even user-level behavior to uncover amazing insights into what your community loves.

Who can benefit from Genesiv? #

Anyone who wants to create, host, or level up their communities!

  • Businesses & Startups: Constantly connect with your audience! Having a dedicated server where they can swing in quickly to ask you questions will go a long way to building that relationship and trust with them.

  • Coaching communities: Provide personal guidance at scale in a structured manner for your clients. With Genesiv’s Direct Message (DM) channels, you can achieve this by creating different dedicated channels and assigning your team to your clients.

  • Influencers: One of the most important aspects of being an influencer is the ability to connect with your fans and community. From sending out announcements to having open discussions and even monetizing your following by creating private channels and billable goals.

  • Brands: Building a strong community will give your brand superpowers. Avoid brand dilution by styling Genesiv in your colors. Using Genesiv’s custom-made mobile application and customizable domains ensures that customers see your brand, not that of a third-party host.

  • Brokers: Brokers can create their own trading education communities by distributing research, teaching technical analysis, and answering their client’s queries easily. All with our well-integrated proprietary charts, allowing you to look at the markets move and discuss them in real-time together. chart channels.