Custom Desktop & Mobile App

Applying for your Custom Apps #

Once your server has achieved Level 4, we will help you in creating a Desktop and Mobile app that you can design and distribute to your community. If you own a Level 4 server and are ready to get your custom apps made, fill up the following forms and we’ll be in touch!

Upon receiving your request, we’ll get your app out to you in 3 business days. Custom applications will be given to you in distributable formats (e.g. .apk, .exe) Please make sure to include an active Email when applying as we will be using it as the primary form of communication! If you become unable to access your email, do get in touch with us by pinging Desmond Leong on the official Genesiv server.

Genesiv strives to become self-sustained and provide this service free of charge to all server owners who own Level 4 Servers. Unfortunately, in this early access period where our credit subscriptions and monetization features remain inactive, we are unable to solely bear the monthly cost of hosting and maintaining these applications. As such, in this period of our early launch, a Custom Desktop app (Windows, Mac) is priced at US$79.90/month, and a Custom Mobile App (iOS, Android) is priced at US$39.90/month. We apologize for not being able to provide this perk free of charge and seek your kind understanding in this matter!